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We will gather peacefully for silent meditation the morning of July 4th, 2017 from dawn until noon; and a peaceful assembly of free speech and expression from July 1st through the end of Vision Counsel; in the state of Oregon. For directions, click here.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fall (Thanksgiving) Council Notes

These Notes were compiled and put together by a Circle of folks who attended the Council.--  They all requested to be anonymous. Please forward these Notes to your friends (after deleting any personal contact info that may be at the start of the message), post on your blogs, -- newsgroups, Facebook pages etc. --  Love and Light !

2016--  Fall-- (TG) Council Notes

I.--We had 2 concensus:

1.-- An invitation to any and all to participate in scouting-- There will be a scout rendezvous on Monday, May 15, 2017-- at a place in Oregon to be later decided.

2.-- Spring Council will begin on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Rainbow Noon.

II.--Banking Council

4 people volunteered to be Magic Hat holders (aka Banking Council). They exchanged contact info with each other. They will keep records of any pre--Gathering donations and any pre--Gathering expenses. After Spring Council selects the Gathering site and Seed Camp begins, a new group of Magic Hat holders will be formed.

III.----Other topics discussed during Fall Council included:

A.-- Logistics

1. Scouting – all parts of Oregon are being considered. The answer (prior to Spring Council--€™s decision) to the question: Where exactly will the Gathering be?:  is: In Oregon! We ask that folks do not post details of scouting on social media. Scouts can stay in touch with one another by telephone and at the scout rendezvous. They can also utilize the NW Lightline (503) 727--2498 to coordinate scouting.  Scouting by maps can be done at any time-- especially when weather does not permit walking the land. Suggested maps include: Forest Service maps, Fire maps, Gazeteers and topo maps.

2. Work Parties are encouraged to prepare for the Gathering where things such as shitter seats, hand wash stations, dishwashing set up, recycling signs, and other useful items are assembled

3. Co-operations – a place at the Gathering where there are Councils and also a place where useful items including tools and other resources are available

4. Waterline needs: the Gathering will need items such as food grade poly pipe, fittings-- (T valves etc.), pre-filters and drinking-quality fine filters.

5. Sanitation and Health-- provide washable sit-on shitters (boxes or something else) for elders and children. Whoever brings them take them home; Suggestion for a "Shitter camp" for people dedicated to shitter business

6. Kid Village and Teen Village

7. Dirty Kidz Village--  (DKV)

8. Women’s Teepee Space -- including our trans, queer and gender fluid/nonconforming family as well.

9. Front Gate: an enjoyable, safe place to welcome folks

10. Shanti Sena (Peace Scene)

11. Supply-- start making local contacts for bulk wholesome foods

B. Visions, Ideas, Heartsongs

1. Family Traditions

2. Terminology

3. Leave No Trace

4. One-up the Operating Plan (do better than they ask)

5. Personal Safety, Consent (see Vermont Vision Council consensus)

6. Rainbow Family and Indigenous People-- Good relations, suggestions for best ways to move forward-- communicating our intentions to gather in Oregon in 2017, -- respecting sacred sites.

7. Black lives matter

8. White privilege

9. Regional Families needing support (such as Ocala family)

10. Homelessness-- What can be done?

11. Moving to a money--less system-- outside of Rainbow

12. Work parties outside of Rainbow to help local communities

13. Solidarity-now, any time, especially on July 4th ----  during the silent prayer for Peace

14. It’s all about Love -- the rest is just tinsel.

15. Time to Plant the Seeds for The Best Gathering Ever?

IV.The following is a personal account of Fall Council by one person who was there:

Aproximately 70 folks came to the 2016  Fall (TG) Council in Eugene, Oregon. Most were from Oregon, several from California, a few from Washington, a couple from Montana and several folks who are on the road.--  We had 2 pre--teen boys, 2 pre--teen gals, not too many dogs and some brave kitties.--  One big bus, a couple motorhomes, live-in vans, tents in the rain, and people bunking in the Council Space.--  Overall, there was a lot of comradery, sharing and caring.

--  The -carport kitchen served nutritious, delicious meals-- with ingredient cards and options for vegan, gluten free and lacto intolerant. They even served pop-overs (savory and sweet) to the Circle one day as we were in council. We started Friday and Saturday morning Councils with the feather going entirely around the Circle -- everyone sharing one-at-a-time.  Friday we began with the folks who have not yet been to a Rainbow Gathering, ending with those who have the most experience, and Saturday we began with the children. During these go-rounds, folks shared their Visions and suggested topics they wanted to see addressed by the group. 

After these mini heartsongs, the feather went around and around as the person holding the feather spoke on a topic/ topics of their choice and facilitated others discussing that subject. Lots of ideas were shared and connections made. There were a few Break Out Sessions between Councils, where folks met to discuss things that may not be of interest or difficult to discuss in a bigger group-- such as Scouting. There was a year-old interpersonal relation/ physical violence issue  between 2 people present which was handled by both a smaller circle on Saturday morning and by others over the weekend. To say the least, it was challenging and hard on many folks present. Over the weekend, the recurring themes seemed to be : Safety, Health, Support, Choice, Ease, Fun and Friendship.--  We had a Reggae show on Friday night and some homegrown music on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights.


  1. Couldn't Magic Hat have a pre-collection a month prior online with a PayPal account? Seems like this is where the bigger donations would come from. Not every rich hippie feels comfortable with dropping a C-note in a hat to an unknown, but hopefully trustworthy family member. Besides, this method would make grocery and supply shopping beforehand easier, right?

    1. PayPal was used by the pre-Gathering Bank for the 2010 Gathering and was effective at providing Scouts with timely funding.

  2. Anonymous, I've heard it a lot also, the first days being the toughest to prepare for (to feed) the influx of people. Hope to hear more discussion on the topic on the land.

  3. Was there a rainbow perpetrator protection plan, created at this council as stated online...
    Fact or rainbow rumor.. !!!

    1. The Rainbow Perpetrator Protection Plan is a fact

  4. Question: Would using PayPal imply that there is an organized effort... something that the gathering is opposed to?

    1. To the best of my knowledge (and I go back a ways) the gatherers aren’t opposed to an organized effort when that effort is put forth by individuals operating collectively. The opposition you seem to be referring to is one where the whole of the gathering becomes an organization. The closest you’ll come to anything that even remotely appears to be an organization is nothing more than a name which has always been the Rainbow Family of Living Light and the gathering itself the Gathering of the Tribes. Even the tribes are non-organized entities that may appear organized at times when the folks that make up such a tribe decide to do something collectively, but everyone involved is operating as an individual. What you experience at a gathering is the Anarchy of the Spirit. Not to be misconstrued as the spirit of anarchy.

    2. Nice answer Chuck! I'm thinking more about the individual who sets up the account. Could that person be implicated in court as an "organizer" of an event? As an alternative, perhaps a crowdfunding website would be more appropriate?

    3. That may very well be, but I’m not involved in that effort so I don’t know the details behind these individual’s collective effort and I’m not sure which law enforcement agency you feel would bother. I for one however do appreciate your concern.

  5. Hmmmm....
    Where oh where will the rainbows go....

    1. http://oregongathering2017.blogspot.com/2016/07/where-will-gathering-be.html


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