Where will the gathering be?

We will gather peacefully for silent meditation the morning of July 4th, 2017 from dawn until noon; and a peaceful assembly of free speech and expression from July 1st through the end of Vision Counsel; in the state of Oregon. For directions, click here.

To find out how to get into the gathering without getting a mandatory court appearance ticket, click here and check out the right side-bar. To reach a human being, email Karin.

Friday, June 23, 2017

2017 Site Map

This is a map of the Annual Rainbow Gathering in Oregon for 2017.
Please Click to Enlarge.

Included are the Parking Area, many of the early kitchens and camps,
Main Meadow (in the heart) where Main Council and Dinner Circle happens,
the Information Booth, Kid Village, Handicamp, CALM Medical, etc.

If you would like to print this out before arriving for personal use,
or wish to make copies to pass out to folks on the land, please go to this link and download.

Many thanks to Henry for making this happen!

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  1. Excited to have it so close to my WA home this year. Looking for healing, vision, and connection! I'm sure i'll find it - it's always there... Welcome HOME!


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