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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Outreach to First Nations - a report

Updated May 7, 2017 @ 6:50 p.m. Oregon time



WHO: Don Joseph and Dinner-Circle Daniel

WHERE: EASTERN OREGON – The Warm Springs, Umatilla and Burns Paiute Reservations. (The Nez Perce and Klamath tribes will be contacted shortly as part of this on-going family process.)

WHEN: The last week of March 2017

The 2016 Thanksgiving Council in Eugene was unanimous in its support for making an early effort to contact native tribes with interests in any National Forest in Oregon which could be the location of the Annual Gathering, even if such contacts could lead to controversy.

Subjects covered in meetings with tribal cultural resource representatives were: the nature of the Gathering; our council and site-selection process; tribal concerns about landscape impacts including archaeological, historical, animal, plant, water and soil resources; and site cleanup and restoration.  Each asked for further consultation if a specific site or sites within their traditional territory are under active consideration. No other actions were requested until that time. Our personal contact information was given and the resource personnel for each tribe provided their contact info.  Each provided a map of their traditional territory, which includes National Forest lands.

The two enclosed documents, as well as a copy of the 2016 Vermont “Operating Plan,” were handed out to provide additional information and to share with the tribal council and other tribal members.  A gift of Paiute sweet sage was presented to each representative.

All the tribal representatives expressed gratitude for our having taken the time to explain the Gathering and to seek their input.

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To view Daniel's Basic Resource Needs Handout, click here.
To view Oregon Handout To Tribes, click here.

Updates from April 27

On 10 April, Miriam and I meet with the Nez Perce Tribe's archaeologist.  Just as for the first three tribe's contacted, the Nez Perce person said that his tribe would give us their input on any site we are considering in their traditional territory and he gave us his tribe's "official"  territorial map. 

On 13 April, I called Perry Chocktoot, the Director of the Culture and Heritage Dept. for the Klamath Tribes, to try and set up a meeting time with him. On the phone, Mr. Chocktoot said, that although he was not judging the purpose of event, “the {Klamath] tribes can’t support the resource damage of the site [of a Rainbow gathering] in their traditional territory.”  He also said “there are more cultural and resource sites in our territory than for any other tribe in Oregon” and “we have to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Mr. Chocktoot agreed to a personal meeting which was set for 10 AM, 21 April at the Tribes' new Culture and Heritage building in Chiloquin, OR.  The Klamath Tribes have Klamath, Modoc, Northern Paiute and Pit River people.

On 21 April 2017, Miriam  and I were at tribal office at 10 AM in Chiloquin.  Mr Chocktoot was ill and not available.  We met with Ron Busby, Language Instructor, and Mandy Roberson, Culture and Heritage Department Office Manager. Ms. Roberson said “Perry’s job is to protect the sites.” She also said “I don’t think the tribes will allow a Rainbow Gathering in our territory.”   They will try to get a map of their traditional territory and mail it to DJ.

So, as of now, all the native tribes of central and eastern Oregon have been contacted and we have tribal territorial maps for four of the five tribes.  Hopefully, we will get the fifth soon.

Onward toward scouting a  great, acceptable Gathering site in Oregon,  Yes, much love to you too, Don Joseph


  1. I like this move and ongoing outreach...but the first sentence wasnt altogether true: "The 2016 Thanksgiving Council in Eugene was unanimous in its support for making an early effort to contact native tribes"

    ...besides the fact that the hosting family called this the "Fall Council", the fact is that there was not unanimous agreement on this issue, there was a lit of discussion and some enthusiasm. Unanimity would imply that someone ASKED the group if everyone felt the same way, and if that had happened then there would have been a consensus to report. What really happened was there was a "strong feeling" in the circle that it was a good idea, with a few people expressing that it might not be the best move. Concerns included getting too much attention early, giving native tribes an opportunity to be asked permission and then choose to deny it, some ither concerns that I didnt take careful notes on.

    I personally am grateful that Don Joseph and Daniel are doing this. But the post sort of implies that they are doing it with "council approval" behind them and I want it to be clear that their actions are autonomous, simply with the goodwill of some other people.

  2. Interesting, Finch, but anyone present for council in the future might consider reminding all brothers and sisters that "giving native tribes an opportunity to be asked permission and then choose to deny it" would be exactly the respectful way to approach the use of any of the lands that have been borrowed for too long from indigenous groups that first held these lands to be sacred.

    As part of the group now working diligently with 1,000 indigenous tribes globally, and as a UN Ambassador for the Free Nation, I would suggest that the rainbow family take these things into consideration more seriously as we move forward.

    We have been most focused on the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota territories these last months, but have made tremendous steps toward sovereignty and re-acclimation of the lands in much of both American continents -- with full success with the Anishnabeg.

    I think it would be a positive example to the rest of the colonizers if the rainbow family were to set precedents in ALWAYS asking permission from the "native american" tribes who would have any connection to or claim on lands we consider for gathering.

    In peace, light and much love...

    1. "We" rainbowers (individuals and tourists, one and all) CANNOT act in a "representative" way or capacity.
      When some go to pow-wow the whampum w/ some actual Tribe/Group those 'discussions' can get very confusing and Waaay TOO much is almost always assumed.

  3. Two requests were made of Family in the Black Hills : all teepees will be public spaces , and no ceremonial sweat lodges are to be constructed .

    One tribal request was made at a California gathering : do not collect arrowheads .

  4. Did any ceremonial sweat lodges exist in Vermont ? How will these NAmer requests be honored through time in Rainbow Family culture ?

    1. What are the REAL questions, and are you someone that I know or have worked w/ at some gath or other or are you just an anon nobody?


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